There is a perception that New York State is a leader in progressive politics. Unfortunately, in many cases, the New York State Senate has stood in the way of progress, especially as it relates to our reproductive health and rights. At a time when our health, rights, and freedoms are being relentlessly attacked at the federal level – we need a State Senate who will respond.  We urgently need your help to shift the balance of power by electing legislators who will stand with us and fight for us.

For nearly a decade, the New York State Senate has refused to act on legislation that would codify Roe v. Wade in our law. Their inaction has come at the expense of the health and safety of New York women. While the polls tell us that the majority of New Yorker's support a woman's right to abortion care, the majority of NYS Senators do not. If we are able to flip 3 seats this election cycle – we will have a pro-reproductive health majority in the NYS Senate. Help us win the majority and ensure that the women of our state have access to the quality reproductive health care they deserve. 

We need your support to build a strong and aggressive PAC because it is the only way to protect our rights and our health. Your donation will allow the Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts PAC (PPESV PAC) to support pro-reproductive health candidates through direct monetary contributions and coordinated campaign assistance. This work will be critical to electing a State Legislature that stands up for the health and rights of all New Yorkers.

We are fighting to make sure everyone gets the health care they want and need, without politicians controlling when, why or how. Join us. Donate to the PPESV PAC today. 


We know this – at the state and federal level – the 2018 elections are our best opportunity in years to shift the power balance and elect leaders who will fight for our health and rights. We must use this election year to maximize Planned Parenthood's power, fighting for a NYS Senate that supports freedom, opportunity, equality, and control over our own bodies.


1. PPESV is finalizing an in-depth analysis to identify districts across the state where Senate seats are vulnerable. 

2. PPESV will use that information to target seats that, with pressure, could be converted to seats held by representatives who will support women's reproductive rights. 

3. PPESV will provide the necessary support to defend vulnerable seats held by legislators who have supported our mission. 

4. PPESV will utilize its statewide reach, activists, and experience working with legislators to frame discussions with voters regarding advocacy for women's reproductive health throughout the election cycle. 

This is more than a fight for our beliefs. It's a fight for the lives, health, safety and the most personal, rights of millions of individuals and families across New York State. This is a fight we can't afford to lose.

You can help us win it. Support our PAC today


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